Why choose a career at University Children’s Centre?

• We invest in our staff! We offer competitive wages and benefits. UCC believes in the
importance of continual support and training for our staff to succeed in the workforce and
make every day at work a positive experience.

• We understand the importance of community in an Early Learning and Child Care
setting. We have an open door policy for parents to join in our programs and participate
in our outings and activities. We also receive continuous support from the Dalhousie
Community as we use their facilities and outdoor spaces to enhance our programs.

• To demonstrate our commitment to early childhood education and care, we aim to
operate with more favourable ratios than those legislated. We believe smaller group ratios
are important to truly know and understand the children and document their growth and
learning processes.

• At UCC we understand the importance of family. We embrace the ever changing family
unit and promote diversity of such characteristics as culture, race and language. We also
believe in the importance of supporting our staff with their own personal family needs.
We understand the demands and strains of raising a family while working, and try to
accommodate each staff as needed.

• Teamwork is very important to us as UCC. Every voice should be equally heard in the
classroom and different ideas and perspectives are valued and appreciated by both staff
and management. We offer time for team meetings and team building workshops as we
strive to share our knowledge and information with each other.

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