Our History

Child care at Dalhousie University began in the fall of 1967 with the formation of the University Children’s Centre. It was initially located in the university family residence, Peter Green Hall. As the years passed, demand for child care services on the Campus continued to grow. In response to this demand, a centre at Coburg Road was opened in 1980, financed entirely by Dalhousie University. In 1988, Dalhousie University again offered both space and financial backing for the creation of a third centre in the Life Sciences Centre, thereby expanding enrolment. Initially all three facilities were the responsibility of the original governing body, the Halifax Student Housing Society, but as time passed, the on-campus and residence centres became more autonomous. In 1990, the Board of the Halifax Student Housing Society decided it would be more efficient to manage each centre (Peter Green Hall and Coburg/Life Sciences) as separate operations. Following this decision, the University Children’s Centre Society was incorporated in June 1990 to operate the on-campus facilities at Coburg Road and the Life Sciences Centre. These two locations continued to be known as the University Children’s Centre. In January 2002, the Coburg Road facility was closed and the child care centre was relocated to a new site at 6101 South Street. Again, Dalhousie University provided the support for the creation of this new facility. Although Dalhousie University continues to provide significant support, the University Children’s Centre is completely independent and legally separate from the University.