Awards and Recognition






2007: The ECLC Award of Excellence for Program: This honour is awarded to a licensed Nova Scotia early childhood learning and care program (centre based or family child care program/agency) that provides outstanding and high quality early childhood care and learning to the children enrolled in the program.







2011: The ECCE 20+ Service Award honours licensed ECCE programs in Nova Scotia which have been providing services to children and families for twenty or more years. It recognizes the long-standing commitment that the ECCE program has demonstrated to their community, families, children and our province.



caring_at_work.JPG2011: Caring At Work Award: Child care practitioners are nominated by their peers for their exceptional contribution to the child care sector and to the children of Nova Scotia. In appreciation of their dedication to the University Children’s Centre and to their commitment to the U.C.C. journey, the University Children’s Centre recognized the teaching staff of their organization by nominating each of them for a Caring at Work Award.








2012 The ECLC Award of Excellence for Practice; Awarded to University Children's Centre Executive Director, Margo Kirk. This honour is awarded to a child care practitioner (Early Childhood Educator or Administrator) working in the Nova Scotia child care sector who consistently demonstrates best practices in their care of young children and an outstanding dedication to the children they care for and to the early childhood learning and care field.